Model-Based System Engineering Components of Antennas

05 Oct 2010

Very sophisticated antenna models are available today for the accurate prediction of antenna performances, in particular those included in the European Antenna Modeling Library in which GRASP, ADF and SATSim are key components. However these models are not directly suitable for Phase 0/A and early Phase B activities in a Model-Based System Engineering context where fast and reliable predictions, with a known uncertainty margin, are required in order to avoid over- or under specification and reduce the risk of under or overdesign in later phases.

The Model-Based System Engineering tool (MBSE) is a proof-of-concept demonstrator suitable for the quick assessment of antenna performances in pre-phase studies with applications in the area of Earth Observation, Science and Exploration.

Publication: 32nd ESA Antenna Workshop on Antennas for Space Applications Digest
Place: ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 5-8 October 2010

Lars Foged / B. Bencivenga / A. Potenza / M. Bandinelli / F. Milani / Stig Busk Sørensen / H.B. Nielsen / Oscar Borries / M. Sabbadini /
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