Meet TICRA at EuCAP 2018

EuCAP 2018 will take place in London, United Kingdom, on 9 to 13 April.

This year, TICRA is offering travel grants of EUR 1,000 each to 3 authors of accepted papers at EuCAP 2018. The travel grants will be given to the awardees during the Conference Dinner on Wednesday 11 April.

Visit us at booth 302 to discuss your applications and needs. Throughout the exhibition opening hours you can get product demonstrations and talk to our experts. And don’t miss our presentations on the latest developments and projects within satellite and antenna RF modeling.


Enhancing Beam Congruence in Orthogonally Polarized Tx/Rx Offset Antenna Systems Using Reflectarrays

Authors: Min Zhou, Tonny Rubæk and Stig Sørensen (TICRA, Denmark); Yves Demers and Eric Amyotte (MDA Corporation, Canada); Giovanni Toso (European Space Agency, The Netherlands)
Time: Tuesday 10 April, 11:10 AM
Session CS05: Antenna Needs and Solutions for Future Space Missions
Location: Room 4

Reflector Antenna Optimization Using One-Sided Least-Squares

Anders Eltved and Martin Andersen (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark); Oscar Borries (TICRA, Denmark)
Time: Wednesday 11 April, 10:20 AM
Session T09-3 Antenna Design and Optimization for Space Applications
Location: Room 4

Large Deployable Antennas Benchmark for Contoured Beam Mission in C Band

Authors: Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson, Min Zhou and Cecilia Cappellin (TICRA, Denmark)
Time: Wednesday 11 April, 11:30 AM
Session T09-6: Satellite Reflector Systems
Location: Room 6

Uncertainty Quantification for Reflector Antennas

Authors: Oscar Borries, Erik Jørgensen, Peter Meincke, Niels Vesterdal, Michael Palvig and Tonny Rubæk (TICRA, Denmark)
Time:  Wednesday 11 April, 11:50 AM
Session T09-6: Satellite Reflector Systems
Location: Room 6

Detailed Design and RF Analysis of a Scatterometer for Material Characterization in the 50-750 GHz Range

Authors: Cecilia Cappellin and Per Nielsen (TICRA, Denmark); Roger Appleby (Roger Appleby MMW Consulting Ltd & InnovaSec Ltd, United Kingdom); Richard Wylde (St Andrews University, United Kingdom); Elena Saenz (European Space Agency, The Netherlands)
Time: Thursday 12 April, 9:00 AM
Session T10-5: Novel Antennas and Material Measurements

Location: Room 3

Design of High-Performance Antenna Systems with Quasi-Periodic Surfaces

Authors: Min Zhou, Erik Jørgensen, Niels Vesterdal, Oscar Borries, Stig Sørensen and Peter Meincke (TICRA, Denmark); Massimiliano Simeoni and Giovanni Toso (European Space Agency, The Netherlands)
Time: Thursday 12 April, 11:50 AM
Session CS24: Advances in Modelling Design and Implementation of Reflectarrays and Periodic Structures
Location: Room: 6

This paper is presented during the Best Paper Finalists session at City Hall on Thursday 12 April from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM as well.

Poster session

During the Capital Hall poster session on Wednesday 11 April from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM, Cecilia Cappellin is presenting Feed Array Breadboard for Future Passive Microwave Radiometer Antennas.

> See the full technical program.

> More about the TICRA travel grants at EuCAP.


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