Latest Achievements on Reconfigurable Reflector Antennas Modelling

05 Oct 2010

This paper describes various aspects of a reconfigurable reflector antenna for future space applications. The reflector surface consists of an RF net made by thin interwoven piano wires. This net provides the necessary reflectivity at Ku-band frequencies. The RF net is very soft and it is therefore supported by a thicker net of the same construction. The reflector is shaped by means of a number of actuators across the surface. The paper presents accurate mechanical Finite Element Method calculations to validate the fast numerical method developed in previous studies for the optimisation of the surface shape for different antenna coverage regions.

Publication: 32nd ESA Antenna Workshop on Antennas for Space Applications Digest
Place: ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 5-8 October 2010

Knud Pontoppidan / Cecilia Cappellin / N.C. Jessen / H.U. Nørgaard-Nielsen /
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