Large European Deployable Reflector: RF Modeling and Measurement Correlation

10 Dec 2021

We present the RF model and correlation with measurements in K band (18.7 GHz) of a 5.1 m diameter deployable reflector antenna in lightweight mesh technology. The RF model includes the manufactured surface shape, electrical properties of the lightweight mesh, a designed and non-circular rim as well as feed tower and truss. Good agreement between main beam shape as well as sidelobe and grating lobe positions between measured and predicted patterns is found.

Publication: Proc. 2021 IEEE AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

Place: Singapore (hybrid conference)

Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson / Cecilia Cappellin / Maurizio Lori / Alexander Geise / Christian Hunscher / Leri Datashvili / Nikoloz Maghaldadze / Jean-Christophe Angevain / Martin Suess / Alexander Ihle / Gonçalo Rodrigues /
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