Innovative Multi-Feed-Per-Beam Reflector Antenna for Space-Borne Conical-Scan Radiometers

17 Jul 2018

We present an antenna for use on conical-scan space-borne radiometers in C band and demonstrate that stringent radiometric requirements can be met. The antenna consists of a 5 m offset reflector fed by a focal plane array in a multi-feed per- beam configuration, so far never used in ocean observation missions. We use distinct element beams and two optimization routines for obtaining element excitation amplitudes and phases, and with either routine, and in both x- and y-polarization, compliant beams, with footprint < 20 km, distance to coast < 20 km and accuracy < 0:25 K, are obtained. These results may pave the way for use of focal plane arrays with digital beamforming in future radiometric ocean observation missions.

Publication: Proc. 2018 IEEE AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

Place: Boston, USA

Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson / Cecilia Cappellin / Knud Pontoppidan / Oleg Iupikov / Marianna Ivashina / Niels Skou / Benedetta Fiorelli /
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