Improved Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) Performance by Using Spherical Angular Function (SAF) Deconvolution Method

16 Jul 2000

Microwave antenna measurements seek to determine the response of an Antenna Under Test (AUT), when it is illuminated by a uniform Plane Wave. The requirement of a uniform Plane Wave illumination can be achieved by utilising a CATR. The potentially low cross-polarisation levels have made CATR one of the most suitable and accepted solution to test and verify the performance of spacecraft antennas. However, antennas with frequency reuse require very low levels of cross-polarisation and so need an improvement of existing CATR. In this context, the present work is intended to find the most suitable solution to reduce the problem of cross-polarisation arising from the CATR itself.

Publication: 2000 IEEE AP-S Symposium
Place: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 16-21 July, 2000

Barry J. Cown / Laurent Giauffret / Jean-Charles Bolomey / Frank Jensen / Javier Martí-Canales / Philippe Garreau /
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