Full Wave Modelling and Design of a Baffle for the HERTZ 2.0 Compact Antenna Test Range

19 Mar 2024

A baffle has the purpose of preventing the feed of a compact antenna test range to radiate in the quiet zone and it is typically constituted by a cylindrical structure covered by pyramidal absorbers. In this paper we describe the electrical design of a baffle for the new compensated compact antenna test range for the HERTZ 2.0 facility at ESTEC. Two modelling approaches are shown and compared and the updated performance of the quiet zone field at L band is given.

Publication: EuCAP 2024

Place: Glasgow, Scotland

C. Cappellin / W. H. Yatman / P. G. Nicolaci / S. B. Sørensen / M. M. Bilgic / D. Trenta / L. Rolo /
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