Fast and Accurate Analysis of Reflector Antennas with Struts and Satellite Platform Scattering

12 Apr 2015

This paper presents two methods related to modelling of reflector antenna struts and surrounding structural features such as satellite platforms. One method is a MoM-based strut model and represents an improvement of an existing PO-based model, thus enabling analysis of concave cross sections and dielectric materials, while generally speeding up the analysis. The other is a full-wave higher-order MLFMM which offers a significant reduction of the required computational resources compared to commonly available lower-order MLFMM. The methods are demonstrated on two reflector antenna systems including struts as well as a large satellite platform. Both methods exhibit significant reduction of required computation time and resources.

Publication: EuCAP’2015
Place: Lisbon, Portugal, 12-17 April 2015

Niels Vesterdal / Oscar Borries / Min Zhou / Knud Pontoppidan / Erik Jørgensen /
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