EuCAP 2020 is just around the corner

6 March 2020: EuCAP 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. Read more on the EuCAP website.

Ever since the inception of EuCAP in Nice 2006, TICRA has been a proud sponsor and exhibitor just as our team has contributed with numerous technical papers to the symposium. Therefore, we are extremely excited that finally, and very appropriately at the 200 years anniversary of Ørsted’s discovery of electromagnetism, EuCAP 2020 takes place in our hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark, from 15 to 20 March.

Throughout the exhibition opening hours, you can visit us at booth 33 to see a display of antenna designs that TICRA has been involved in, get product demonstrations and talk to our experts. And don’t miss out on the many presentations on the latest developments and projects within satellite and antenna RF modeling.

Workshop on analysis and design of advanced antenna systems using TICRA Tools

Dr. Min Zhou and Dr. Peter Meincke are hosting a workshop about the analysis and design of advanced antenna systems using TICRA Tools. In this workshop the most important research results obtained by TICRA will be presented. Also, it will be demonstrated how the products within TICRA Tools work seamlessly together and how they can be used to design advanced antenna systems.

Time: Wednesday 18 March, 10:40 to 12:20

Session: Scientific/Industrial Workshops

Room: 13

Invited speak: Computational Electromagnetics in Space

Dr. Erik Jørgensen has been invited to speak about computation electromagnetics in space. During the talk, a number of CEM algorithms developed for space applications will be reviewed and discussed. The algorithms are tailored to the special needs of the space industry through a combination of several approaches, including application of higher-order methods, development of dedicated solvers for specific types of antennas, hybridisation of methods, as well as inclusion of advanced techniques for quantifying uncertainties on the input variables. Application examples will be presented to illustrate the capabilities of the algorithms.

When: Wednesday 18 March, 14:50 to 15:30

Session: Invited Speaker Session

Room: 02



Full-wave Scattering from Reflector Antennas on Electrically Large Platforms Using low-Memory Computers

Authors: Oscar Borries, Peter Demeyer and Erik Jørgensen (TICRA, Denmark)

Time: Tuesday 17 March, 13:20 to 14.50

Session: Poster session


Multifocus Reflectarray Concept: Preliminary Design and Possible Applications

Authors: Christophe Granet (Lyrebird Antenna Research Pty Ltd, Australia); Michael F. Palvig, Min Zhou, and Stig Sørensen (TICRA Denmark)

Time: Wednesday 18 March, 08:30 to 08:50

Session: T09-A19 – Reflect arrays and transmit arrays

Room: 01


Design of Ka-band Reflectarray Antennas for High Resolution SAR Instrument

Authors: Min Zhou, Michael F. Palvig, Stig Sørensen and Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson (TICRA, Denmark); David Marote Alvarez (Airbus/CASA, Spain); Michael Notter (Airbus DS Ltd, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Dennis T. Schobert (European Space Agency, The Netherlands)

Time: Wednesday 18 March, 08:50 to 09:10

Session: T09-A19 – Reflect arrays and transmit arrays

Room: 01


Antennas on CubeSat Platforms: Accurate RF Predictions

Authors: Cecilia Cappellin, Mustafa Murat Bilgic, Jakob Rosenkrantz de Lasson and Oscar Borries (TICRA, Denmark

Time: Wednesday 17 March, 13:20 to 14.50

Session: Poster session


Design of Advanced Reflectarrays for Future CubeSat Applications

Authors: Min Zhou, Erik Jørgensen, Stig Sørensen, Niels Vesterdal, Michael F. Palvig, Andreas Ericsson, Oscar Borries, Tonny Rubæk and Peter Meincke (TICRA, Denmark)

Time: Thursday 18 March, 17.00 to 17:20

Session: ESA Session – Selected Papers from the 40th ESA Workshop on Antenna Developments for Terrestrial and Small-Space Platforms

Room: 10


See the full technical program.


TICRA Foundation and EurAAP travel grants

This year, the TICRA Foundation is teaming up with EurAAP to award 10 authors of accepted papers with a travel grant. The selection of awardees is based on the author’s potential or demonstrated aptitude for research and will also take into account the author’s financial situation. The travel grants will be given during the conference dinner.


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