Electrical design of the INTELSAT VIII S1 Ku-band spot beam antenna

28 Jun 1993

The INTELSAT VIII spacecraft will carry two steerable spot beam antennas for operation in the Ku-band (10.95 – 12.75 GHz Tx; 14.0 – 14.5 GHz Rx), thereby continuing the success INTELSAT has had since the INTELSAT V spacecraft generation in providing this flexible service. Both antennas are linearly polarized, with the possibility of switching between horizontal and vertical orientation at both transmit and receive. This places stringent requirements on the reflector and feed chain, since the design must operate with extreme good polarization characteristics over both bands.

Publication: 1993 IEEE AP-S Symposium Digest
Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 28 June -2 July, 1993

Hans-Henrik Viskum /
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