A dual reflector system with a reconformable subreflector

11 Jul 1999

The paper describes the design of a dual reflector spacecraft antenna with a circular main reflector aperture shaped to produce an elliptical beam. A design is made with two different subreflector shapes which, when used with the same shaped main reflector will generate elliptical beams rotated 90° with respect to each other. During the design optimization it is assumed that the subreflector is fully reconformable. i.e. any desired shape can be accomplished. The impact of using a particular implementation of a reconformable surface with a specified number of control points, implying that the desired shape can only be met with a particular tolerance is assessed.

Publication: 1999 IEEE AP-S Symposium
Place: Orlando, Florida, USA, 11-16 July, 1999

Hans-Henrik Viskum / Stig Busk Sørensen / Knud Pontoppidan /
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