DTU’s Samel Arslanagic is awarded the H. C. Ørsted silver medal

26 Oct 2021

Together with The Society for the Dissemination of Natural Sciences (SNU), TICRA is pleased to announce that Samel Arslanagic, Associate Professor and Acting Section Head at the Danish Technical University (DTU), has been awarded the H. C. Ørsted silver medal for excellent dissemination of science through research and teaching, collaboration with industry through projects and guest lectures as well as diligent authorship.

During an award ceremony at the H. C. Ørsted Building at Copenhagen University, Denmark, Samel Arslanagic received the silver medal accompanied by a grant of DKK 20,000, both sponsored by the TICRA Foundation.

The silver medal recipient, Samel Arslanagic, says: ”It is with great joy and humility that I receive this recognition from TICRA and SNU. It not only sheds light on the important work we researchers and educators do on a daily basis, but certainly also provides an immense motivation to continue our work. I am also deeply grateful to DTU for entrusting me with part of the teaching and research in this central area of electrical technology, which undeniably electromagnetism is. The recognition also reflects to a very high degree the great working environment at DTU Elektro and the colleagues among whom I have had the opportunity to develop, and not forgetting all the engaged students who with their critical sense ensures that we stay up to date”.

“For TICRA Foundation, the collaboration between the business community and the talented researchers at the universities is at least as crucial now as it was in H. C. Ørsted’s time,” says Oscar Borries, TICRA Foundation. “After 50 years as a knowledge-intensive company, we understand how much work it takes to translate theory into practice and at the same time educate future generations of researchers. We are very proud to take part in awarding this medal to one of the researchers who really makes a difference every day,” concludes Oscar Borries.

Throughout the years, the TICRA Foundation has supported the electro technical engineering science community, by distributing grants to research projects and test equipment as well as travel grants for university staff and students. The TICRA Foundation looks forward to continuing the support of higher education and research within the electro technical engineering sciences in Denmark and abroad.



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