Design of a Push-Broom Multi-Beam Radiometer for Future Ocean Observations

12 Apr 2015

The design of a push-broom multi-beam radiometer for future ocean observations is described. The radiometer provides a sensitivity one order of magnitude higher than a traditional conical scanning radiometer, and has the big advantage of being fully stationary relative to the satellite platform. Thanks to a dense focal plane array and a dedicated optimization procedure, the instrument can accurately measure in C, X and Ku band and as close as 15 km to the coast line.

Publication: Proc. EuCAP’2015
Place: Lisbon, Portugal

Cecilia Cappellin / Knud Pontoppidan / Per Heighwood Nielsen / N. Skou / S. S. Søbjærg / A. Ihle / M. Ivashina / O. Iupikov / K. v. ‘t Klooster /
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