Corrective Subreflectors for Millimetre and Sub-Millimetre Wave Applications

15 Apr 2003

A mechanically controllable reflector has been manufactured by using an electroformed Nickel shell supported and controlled by 19 actuators. If such a system is used as subreflector in a millimetre-wave antenna system for limb-sounding applications, it is possible to reduce the accuracy requirements to the main reflector and thereby save on overall costs. Instead, the shape of the subreflector is controlled to correct for the thermally induced deformations on the main reflector. The paper describes the method of generating the desired subreflector shape for given distortions, and the experimental model that is used to demonstrate the feasibility of the technique.

Publication: 21st AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference and Exhibit
Place: Yokohama, Japan, 15-19 April, 2003

Hans-Henrik Viskum / Kees van ’t Klooster / Fabio Zocchi / Pietro Binda / R. Wagner /
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