Computational Investigation of the DTU-ESA 12 GHz VAST12 Validation Standard Antenna to Identify Features Contributing to the Radiated Field

09 Dec 2021

In this paper, we present a computational model of the DTU-ESA Standard Validation antenna VAST12, and investigate the impact of how different features on the antenna impact the radiation pattern. It is shown that the termination of the central tube, used to mount the antenna, has a significant impact on the sidelobe level of the antenna.

Publication: Proc. 2021 IEEE AP-S Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

Place: Singapore (hybrid conference)

Mustafa Murat Bilgic / Andreas Ericsson / Per Heighwood Nielsen / Tonny Rubæk / Javier Fernandez Alvarez / Jeppe Majlund Bjørstorp / Kyriakos Kaslis / Olav Breinbjerg /
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