CHAMP becomes CHAMP 3D

New release coming soon

At TICRA we have been working on a new product that will extend the capabilities of the well-known CHAMP to arbitrary 3D geometries, including feeds and waveguide components such as polarizers, OMTs, junctions, and filters. CHAMP 3D, as the new product is named, will supersede CHAMP as the tool of choice for feed chain design.

Built-in library of predefined components

In CHAMP 3D the user can build a complex 3D waveguide assembly or feed by selecting from a library of predefined components or load the assembly/component from a CAD file. Additionally, it is possible to calculate scattering parameters and radiation from feeds excited by arbitrary waveguide modes or any combination hereof.

The components are analysed with dedicated methods, e.g. Mode Matching or Method of Moments, particularly tailored to each component.

Simple setup of rotationally symmetric horns

The dedicated 2D editor, known from CHAMP, can be used for easy setup of axially or radially corrugated horns, smooth wall horns as well as rotationally symmetric reflectors.

Large selection of optimization algorithms

To ensure that the best design of feed and waveguide components is reached, CHAMP 3D is equipped with different optimization algorithms, including both global and local methods.

Seamless integration of CHAMP 3D and GRASP in one interface

Using CHAMP 3D and GRASP together will enable optimization of the full chain of components in a reflector system, from input coax through waveguides to feed and reflectors with goals on the secondary pattern and/or scattering parameters.

Detailed information about CHAMP 3D and how current CHAMP users and new CHAMP 3D users will benefit from this release will be communicated soon.


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