CHAMP 3.2 is released

09 Nov 2016

CHAMP 3.2 is released with a total of 16 new features implemented, providing the user with significant design enhancement capabilities, whether the focus is on feeds or reflector terminals. The work flow is improved and the speed of the design optimization increased, all of which leads to a more efficient overall design process.

CHAMP is now extended to simultaneous design optimization of feed and a single reflector.An obvious application is to optimize the feed-reflector interaction to reduce the return loss due to back-coupling from the reflector; another task could be to optimize the peak directivity by adjusting the feed profile and dimension to provide an optimum taper and realizing a good trade-off between spill-over loss and aperture efficiency. This may even be done whilst controlling the sidelobe envelope.

The single-reflector feature can be conveniently combined with the new and improved spherical wave export: you have designed a displaced-axis reflector system using CHAMP and want to analyze the impact of non-rotationally symmetric objects on the main dish, for example manufacturing tolerances or support-legs for the feed-subreflector assembly. In CHAMP you can consider the feed-subreflector as a single-reflector system, analyze it at all the frequencies you need and then create spherical wave expansion with the origin placed according to your preference and with the boresight pointed at the main reflector.

Importing the spherical wave expansion into another program, e.g. GRASP, allows you to perform the analyses you wish, and the new files from CHAMP contains all frequencies i each band as well as information about the origin of the expansion.

The run time has been significantly reduced when CHAMP is running on a multi-core system . The improved performance is achieved by utilizing the CPU cores in a more efficient manner. The figure below shows the parallel speedup of CHAMP 3.1.1 and the new CHAMP 3.2. The speedup is shown relative to the runtime obtained with CHAMP 3.1.1 using a single CPU core.

Other new features:

  • New intrinsic functions for expressions
  • Copy, paste and mark all available in tables
  • Improved editing of existing optimisation goals
  • Automatic saving of best new solution during optimisation
  • More flexible limits for Horn Aperture Efficiency

More about CHAMP.


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