Baffle and SERAP design for compact antenna test range

02 Apr 2019

A baffle and SERAP (Serration Radiation Protection) are designed to improve the quiet zone of the ESTEC Compact Payload Test Range (CPTR).

The baffle has the purpose of preventing the feed to radiate in the quiet zone, while the SERAP prevents the feed to illuminate the main reflector serrations which create diffraction visible in the quiet zone.

The baffle and SERAP are cylindrical structures covered by pyramidal absorbers, and their design is obtained with a general and computationally fast approach, which provides the radius of the cylinders and their location from the CPTR walls.

Publication: EuCAP 2019

Place: Krakow, Poland

Cecilia Cappellin / Per Heighwood Nielsen / Damiano Trenta / Luis Rolo /
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