Array Diagnostics, Spatial Resolution, and Filtering of Undesired Radiation with the 3D Reconstruction Algorithm

This paper focuses on three important features of the 3D reconstruction algorithm of DIATOOL: the identification of array elements improper functioning and failure, the obtainable spatial resolution of the reconstructed fields and currents, and the filtering of undesired radiation and scattering to obtain a more accurate measured field. Results obtained by real measured data are presented.

Special attention is given to the computational advantages given by the higher-order Method of Moments-based formulation of DIATOOL. Guidelines on the recommended measurement sampling and measured field truncation for achieving the best possible reconstruction results are also provided.

Publication: Presented at the 5th ESA Antenna Workshop on Antenna and Free Space RF Measurements
Place: ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Cecilia Cappellin / S. Pivnenko / Erik Jørgensen / Peter Meincke /
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