TICRA can help you on R&D as well as engineering tasks. Our team of highly educated engineers with substantial experience ranging from electromagnetic field theory, through numerical methods to development of advanced graphical user interfaces is in place to assist. Typical tasks are:

  • Design optimization of contoured-beam spacecraft antennas
  • Analysis of scattering from other elements on a spacecraft, e.g other antennas, solar panels, spacecraft structure
  • Development of new methods and algorithms for advanced EM analysis
  • Design of compact earth terminals
  • Customer specific feature implementation in e.g. GRASP
  • Optimized horn design

The outcome may be design drawings, reports or software updates. We do not manufacture any hardware. Our projects naturally respect the very proprietary nature of much of the work and cannot be published, but we aim at using the experience gained on any job to consistently add value to our software.

A few examples, mostly from projects with the European Space Agency, are shown to the left. Many of the ESA projects have direct focus on development into commercial software.