• Automated coverage cell layout for configuration of constant flux satellite constellations
  • Genetic algorithm for determining the best possible layout


  • Efficient workflow for constant-flux satellites
  • Allows the user to easily synthesise antenna patterns in SATSOFT for accurate estimation of link budgets
  • Easy export of stations to POS for further antenna optimisation

Easy definition of system setup

You can easily define the parameters of the constant flux configuration, such as design frequency and antenna size, and let SATSOFT find the optimum division of the coverage area. The coverage area is defined in terms of the elevation angle from the ground towards the satellite and accounts for the altitude of the satellite.

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Accurate estimation of power flux in cells

After the coverage area has been divided, it is easy to use one of SATSOFT’s build-in antenna models to estimate the antenna gain in each cell for use in your system-level analyses. The cell polygons can also easily be used to create station files to be used for optimising the antennas in POS.

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