Analytical Phased Array


  • Easy definition of 1D and 2D arrays
  • Model both rectangular and triangular array lattices
  • Power-of-cosine element pattern with choice of power
  • Calculate optimum excitation coefficients under consideration of the Butler matrix input


  • Fast estimation of array performance
  • Efficient for determining the required array size for a given mission
  • Allows you to easily perform parameter studies of array configurations for system trade-off studies
  • Provides both multibeam patterns and optimised shaped beams

Easy definition of array configuration through the model parameters dialogue

The array is quickly defined using the parameters dialogue. The number of elements as well as the elements spacing along both dimensions of the array can be chosen freely.

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Synthesised shaped beams

Shaped beams are optimized with the built-in optimiser using the standard SATSOFT workflow. The optimisation takes into account the Butler matrix.

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Evaluation of shaped and multibeam designs

SATSOFT can show both the individual beams of the array and the resulting shaped beams. This allows you to easily estimate the gain of the antenna and improve the accuracy of your system-level analyses.

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