• Wizard for easy setup of components of the beam waveguide
  • Library of components commonly used in radio telescope front-ends and quasi-optical networks
  • Automatic determination of the number of Physical Optics samples
  • Fast multi-mode Gaussian beam analysis
  • Plane wave expansion of the incident field


  • Quick Gaussian beam analysis for optimum component placement and sizing
  • Fast and accurate quasi-optical analysis
  • PO diffraction analysis provides accurate information about depolarization

Component library for quasi-optical network

QUAST includes a large number of components to speed up beam waveguide design. The library consists of components commonly used in radio telescope front-ends and quasi-optical networks. In addition to curved and flat mirrors, QUAST provides lenses, beam splitters, polarization grids, aperture stops, rooftop mirrors and interferometers.

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Component library for quasi-optical network in QUAST
Setup in frame designer in QUAST

Easy setup in frame designer

The frame designer enables the user to set up planar networks of components and subsequently optimize the components for minimum cross-polarization, maximum confocal distance, specific phase-front radius or phase slippage. Several frames can be created and connected to model beam waveguides which are not confined to a single plane.

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Accurate analysis in GRASP

Once an attractive design is obtained in the frame, the user quickly generates all the objects necessary for accurate analysis in GRASP through the object wizard. During this process it is possible to determine the reflector and lens curvature to fit the incoming beam.


Accurate analysis in GRASP

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