• Accurate simulation of smooth, axially and radially corrugated horns, incl. dielectrics
  • Modelling of smooth and shaped single, dual and ring focus reflectors
  • Modelling of smooth or grooved horn fed lenses
  • Hybrid mode-matching/BoR MoM solver
  • Export results directly into GRASP and POS


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Wizard provides fast geometry setup
  • Accurate analysis, guaranteeing agreement between predictions and measurements
  • Short analysis and optimization time

Easy setup of radially and axially corrugated horns

The component library in CHAMP allows easy design of axial corrugations, choke-ring waveguides and dual-depth corrugations, that may be excited at the throat by the fundamental mode or tracking modes. The simple design of axially corrugated horns can be further optimized by imposing a variable spline profile, or by changing the width and pitch dimensions of each individual corrugation. Optimized geometries can be exported as a CAD file (STEP).

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Setup of radially and axially corrugated horns in CHAMP

Wizards for defining ring-focus VSAT geometries

By specifying only 4 parameters, a ring-focus (or axially displaced) antenna geometry of either the Cassegrain or Gregorian type can be defined. A combination of mode-matching of the interior feed waveguide field and a highly-efficient BoR MoM solver for the subreflector support and reflectors. A full analysis of a VSAT takes a few seconds per frequency, which makes it feasible to perform further optimization of the geometry using the optimization tool box.

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Handling of dielectric material

The capability of handling dielectric material in the BoR MoM solver enables full design and analysis of horn-fed lenses, smooth or grooved.

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Handling of dielectric material in CHAMP
Optimization of design goals in CHAMP

Optimization of design goals

The user can easily formulate design goals in terms of familiar antenna parameters. Variables are included or excluded from the optimization through simple drag-and-drop, and upper and lower bounds may be specified on the variables. A selection of optimization algorithms is available, including minmax, least-squares, genetic and simplex.

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Simple interface to GRASP and POS

CHAMP generates GRASP and POS compatible spherical wave expansions to enable full secondary pattern predictions of complex offset antenna systems using the designed feed as source.


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